The New Year brings many promises and goals of health and weight loss. At times we may set our goals too big or for an unrealistic time frame. This can lead to frustration and a decline in motivation towards our goals. Here are some tips on how to set your health and fitness goals one step at a time:

Be Specific
– Set specific goals that can be measured and that you have control over. Set a realistic weight or body composition goal for a specific time frame, then break it down to smaller weekly goals. This can also be done with goals for strength or endurance, and even frequency. Even increasing your water intake to a certain number of ounces per day is a healthy goal!

Change What Has Not Worked
To get different results you must change your actions. Find an exercise routine that keeps you motivated, seek out a partner or a trainer if necessary. If you had trouble sticking to a certain nutrition plan in the past, try something different. If counting calories doesn’t work for you try a different way of tracking.

Track Your Progress
– Keep track of your weight and measurements weekly or monthly. This will not only help with accountability but will be very rewarding as you see the progress you are making toward your goals. Fitness journals are great tools to track a range of progress, including exercise and nutrition, and can be found online or at your local bookstore.

Share Your Journey
– Build a support group of people who will encourage you in your journey and lift you up if you struggle. Utilize family, friends, co-workers and social media as accountability.

Put your goals in writing and post somewhere that you will be reminded daily. Be patient and do not let any obstacles or struggles be a reason to postpone or end your goals. Each day is an opportunity to start fresh and make great choices. Always remind yourself why you started.

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to if you give it 100%.

No Limits…No Boundaries!

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