My Story

before_photoWe all have different reasons for needing a fitness program. It may be weight loss, wanting to tone or build lean muscle, hitting a plateau in a current program, or just general health, but we all have a similar goal.

I was never an athlete nor very active or health conscious as a teen but maintained a somewhat average bodyweight. I had no concept of healthy eating and put no thought into the long term consequences. Throughout my twenties I gradually gained weight as a result of poor diet and lack of exercise. By the age of thirty I had reached my all time highest weight which was 20 lbs more than I was at 9 months pregnant! I was uncomfortable in my own body. I dreaded getting dressed to go out because my clothes were no longer fitting and had to keep buying bigger, looser clothing. For me, looser clothes made it easier to ignore my unhealthy weight gain. I was missing a sense of identity and self worth. My breaking point was one day in the mall shopping for shorts because once again I had no more that fit. It was one of my favorite stores, I needed to try on the largest size.

NYC_10kThe fitting room was not my favorite place and triggered a lot of emotions. When you are not happy with your body it is not enjoyable to try on clothes, especially surrounded by mirrors and bright lights.

I was in the fitting room with several pairs of shorts to try. They didn’t fit. Not one pair. There was no going up a size, because I had the largest one. Looking in the mirror, I broke down in tears. I didn’t even recognize the person I was looking at. I asked myself, “how did I let this happen?”. Something clicked that day. I wanted and needed to feel better. From that moment on, my life began.

You have to want it. You need to be accountable. No excuses. Your health is priority. For whatever your motivation is…results are achieved through dedication and consistency. I did it. I made a decision that I was ready to change my lifestyle. There is no magic pill. No quick fix. No diet. It’s a healthy, realistic lifestyle of clean eating and regular exercise that fits into your schedule and environment.

current_shapeI changed my food choices, paid attention to portion sizes and food labels, and cut down on calories. I was consistent on calorie intake and daily exercise. At the time the only exercise I knew was walking. I will never forget how I first felt walking to the end of my street and back, one mile. It was so hard, I was sweating and out of breath. My one mile walk gradually turned into a jog. My weight dropped each week and my clothes began to get looser. I could see and feel the positive changes and I wasn’t stopping until I reached my goal… health.

After two years of controlled calorie intake and daily walks/jogs, I reached my weight loss goal of 50 pounds. I had a whole new outlook on life. I was happy, inside and out. I had gained a confidence that I never had and it allowed me to begin to experience life. In 2007, I completed a 10k in Central Park, NYC. I felt amazing, what an accomplishment! I realized that our bodies are capable of achieving whatever our minds allow us to.

I was going through career changes and took a position in a gym. I realized then that I was missing a component to health and fitness… strength training. It’s just as important for women! My body went through another transformation and I felt even better. I could see firsthand in the gym that so many others shared struggles with exercise and nutrition. I finally found my passion. I studied, I practiced, I trained. I received my certification in Personal Training and was now able to coach others to their health and fitness goals. classroomRealizing how important nutrition was I also obtained my certification in Wellness and Nutrition and in Weight Management Counseling and eventually publishing my first recipe book.

Personally overcoming the challenges of such a lifestyle change, I made it my goal to educate, inspire, and motivate people to live healthier lives. Teaching clients consistency and accountability with food and exercise is key in long term success. Coaching clients on changing their behaviors and habits to create new ones as well as setting and achieving goals is part of my mission.

No limits… No boundaries.


2006: Nicole completed her first race, Circle of Friends New York Mini 10K

2007-2008: Nicole worked as part of a team fundraiser for a kids fitness program. Working with children as young ages 6-14, resulting in weight loss and improving overall health. Nicole taught the children about better nutrition habits as well as focusing on basic conditioning, balaswim_racence and agility. The article was featured in the Hernando Today section of the Tampa Bay Tribune.

2008: Photo shoot for the Tampa Bay Tribune. The partner exercises were featured as, Tips from The Trainer.

2009: NPC Central Florida Figure Championships, 3rd Place

Tampa Bay Classic Figure Championship, 2nd Place

2012: Passionate about educating and motivating others on a healthy lifestyle, Nicole wrote an article for the Wellington Town-Crier. The article appeared in the Health & Fitness spotlight.

2014: Miami Super Spartan Obstacle Course Race
Fort Lauderdale 5k Color Run
Fort Lauderdale Beach 5k Turkey Trot
Fort Lauderdale 5k Jingle Bell Jog

Fitness & Wellness Retreat, Maya Tulum 2018 & 2019, Host/Instructor



NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Behavioral Change Specialist
AFPA Wellness & Nutrition Coach
AFPA Weight Management Counselor

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

TRX Certified

Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis