In 2004 I made a decision to change my life. My weight loss journey was more than just changing my appearance. It taught me how to love life, and more important, love who I am.

Exercise and nutrition are a natural medicine. It’s not just about weight loss or building muscle, it is about being healthy inside and out.

I didn’t realize until I was 30 years old how my health was affecting every aspect of my life…and how my life was affecting my health. Once I started to make changes, the rewards of a healthy lifestyle kept me pushing toward my goals. For some it may be the numbers on the scale going down or dropping clothing sizes. One of the most impactful benefits for me was the emotional uplifting. I looked at life, and my future, differently. I had built a self-confidence that put a smile on my face every single day.

The journey is challenging but it is always worth it.

Honestly, it never gets easy…just easier. I started my Fit journey 11 years ago and I still face challenges, but I deal with one obstacle at a time and always come out on top. So what if we have a weak moment and “cheat” on a meal plan or skip one workout. Tomorrow is always a new day. You determine the outcome. No matter what life throws at you, your health is priority. YOU are that important.

Ask yourself “why I am I looking to make changes?” For whatever the reason, it comes down to YOU. Do this for yourself, because you need to be happy and healthy in order for all other areas in your life to function healthy.


No Limits…No Boundaries

Written by: admin