It’s funny how some people play such an important role in different aspects of your life.
It wasn’t until last year that I discovered the meaning of true wellness. For years I have continued my healthy lifestyle change through exercise and nutrition. These changes have turned my life around and allowed me to find my true passion in life. However, there was always a piece missing. A very special client of mine would always touch on mindfulness during his sessions. His sincere expressions during these talks intrigued me to search for more. I began to look at simple things in life a little different. Started to notice all the natural sounds as I walk down the beach everyday. It’s amazing how much we miss because our minds are always going, phones always on, and usually rushing to get somewhere. It became a form of mental wellness to shut everything off during these walks. What a great way to start the day, with a clear and positive mind!
I then took a trip with my best friend to Costa Rica. It was the first trip where I was able to be “in the moment” from beginning to end. That trip was another turning stone in my wellness journey. I practiced yoga while I was there and finally understand why I was doing it and realized why it’s such an important part of fitness and wellness. With the encouragement of my lifelong friend, I was able to truly appreciate the meaning of mindfulness and the importance of making time in life dedicated to a whole different type of wellness.
When I returned from my trip, my life was lifted to yet another level of happiness and success. I looked at so many things differently and I acted and responded to things with such a positive and patient mindset. Life then once again brought someone amazing in my life…a yoga teacher and wellness coach. We had many conversations about mindfulness and many of the things I had been striving for. This woman has become a very special friend to me, and I am so blessed to be able to coach and inspire others with her as a team.
Debra and I will be hosting a yoga and fitness retreat in March 2018. This retreat will encompass wellness as a whole…yoga, fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.
You will never realize how important it truly is, until you experience it all.

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