Any start is a good start. We are all faced with challenges in our lives and sometimes taking care of our health takes a backseat. Taking care of yourself inside and out should take priority, to help you conquer each coming of your life. It wasn’t until the age of 30 that I started taking care of myself. I started exercising and eating better and never stopped. It’s not always that easy. I had a goal, which was to lose weight and feel good, sometimes our goal is just to stay healthy or help prevent disease. Whatever your goal may be, just don’t stop. Make exercise a priority in your weekly routine… Make it a habit.
At the start of my journey my only exercise was walking. Every day I would walk to the end of my street and back, a total of one mile. What a struggle it was for me just to accomplish that. I was winded just from that walk, thinking this will never get easy. But after a while, that walk became a jog. I realized that sticking with it and being consistent, it does get easier after while. Never did I think that I would participate in a race, or end up where I am in the fitness world today. Sometimes we are self-motivated, and other times it takes a little encouragement from our support systems. Running a 10K in Central Park made me realize I can do anything I set my mind to. With determination and the support of friends and family, I achieved all my goals and beyond. And you can too!
To some people daily exercise is part of a consistent routine but to others it can be a constant struggle. Set small goals, get a workout partner or a trainer, try a new group fitness class, switch it up and take your work out outside sometimes. Whatever will motivate you, give it a shot. But just know inside that you have the strength to do this!
No limits…no boundaries

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