While preparing meals at home is ideal, it is not always practical with busy schedules or travel. Dining out in moderation can be less damaging to a healthy lifestyle with the right nutritional knowledge.

Subway is a popular sandwich chain that has some low-calorie and low-fat sandwiches and salads. The menu offers several different sandwich and salad toppings that include fresh vegetables and low-calorie ingredients. You can even browse their posted nutrition information to help guide you toward creating a healthy meal. Keep in mind that calories can add up quick with some extras that you may not even pay attention to. Also, even meals that may be lower in calories can contain high amounts of fat and most are very high in sodium.

Save on fat and calories by ordering egg whites and Lean Proteins. You can save even more without the cheese.

Higher Calories & Fat:                         Lower Calories & Fat:
6” Sausage, Egg & Cheese                 6” Turkey, Egg White & Cheese on 9-Grain
Calories: 500                                        Calories: 350
Fat: 23g                                                  Fat: 8g
Carb: 45g                                               Carb: 45g
Pro: 29g                                                 Pro: 24g

Order your sandwich on 9-grain wheat bread or a multigrain flatbread for some extra fiber and whole grains.
To keep calories down, order a six-inch sandwich instead of a foot long.
Fill your sandwich or wrap with fresh vegetables rather than high-fat toppings, such as bacon, cheese and mayonnaise.

Higher calories & Fat:                         Low calories & Fat – veggies, no cheese:
6” Tuna                                                   6” Turkey Breast on 9-Grain
Calories: 480                                         Calories: 280
Fat: 25g                                                  Fat: 3.5g
Carb: 44g                                               Carb: 46g
Pro: 20g                                                 Pro: 18g

6” Chicken & Bacon Ranch                 6” Oven Roasted Chicken on 9-Grain
Calories: 610                                          Calories: 320
Fat: 30g                                                  Fat: 5g
Carb: 48g                                               Carb: 47g
Pro: 38g                                                 Pro: 23g

6” Meatball Marinara                          6” Roast Beef on 9-Grain
Calories: 480                                        Calories: 320
Fat: 18g                                                  Fat: 5g
Carb: 59g                                               Carb: 45g
Pro: 21g                                                  Pro: 24g


Higher Calories & Fat:                          Lower Calories & Fat:
Beef Chili                                                Black Bean Soup
Calories: 350                                          Calories: 210
Fat: 24g                                                   Fat: 1g
Carb: 17g                                                 Carb: 39g
Pro: 15g                                                   Pro: 12g


Higher Calories & Fat:                           Lower Calories & Fat:
Chocolate Chip Cookie                         Apple Slices
Calories: 200                                           Calories: 35
Fat: 10g                                                     Fat: 0
Carb: 30g                                                 Carb: 9g

Sunchips                                                   Baked Lay’s
Calories: 210                                             Calories: 130
Fat: 9g                                                       Fat: 2g
Carb: 29g                                                  Carb: 23g

Small changes like the condiments on your meal can save extra calories and fat.

Higher Calories & Fat                              Lower Calories & Fat
Chipotle Southwest Sauce                   Mustard or Red Wine Vinegar
Calories: 100                                            Calories: 5
Fat: 10g                                                     Fat: 0

Mayonnaise                                              Honey Mustard Sauce
Calories: 110                                              Calories: 30
Fat: 12g                                                      Fat: 0

Ranch Dressing                                        Sweet Onion Sauce
Calories: 110                                              Calories: 40
Fat: 11g                                                       Fat: 0

Meal Comparison
Choice A:                                                      Choice B:
Calories: 1,320                                            Calories: 345
Fat: 65g                                                       Fat: 4.5g
Carb: 163g                                                   Carb: 55g
12” Turkey Italiano Melt                            6” Subway Club, no cheese
Lay’s Classic Chips                                    Apple Slices
Brewed Sweet Tea                                   Brewed Unsweetened Tea

Is it really worth it?


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