With a Starbucks on almost every corner and inside hotels and airports, it is a common stop for a pick me up beverage or light snack.

Years ago, before I was educated on health and nutrition, I had a daily Starbucks routine. On my way to the office in the morning I would get a Venti Caffe Mocha and in the afternoon it was treat time, a Grande Java Chip Frappuccino. Little did I know, those two beverages totaled 820 calories, 36 grams of fat and 111 grams of sugar!!! What an eye opener when I realized I was consuming 4,100 calories a week in my coffee treats…an easy way to put on an extra pound each week.

I am not saying don’t ever drink coffee again but I am encouraging you to be aware, especially if you are health conscious. There are plenty of ways to cut down the calories, fats and sugars in these drinks and still enjoy them. There are skinny options available and you can also customize your beverage. Starbucks also serves meals and snacks that can fit into your healthy lifestyle. I love going to Starbucks so I just make better choices. My favorite is a cold brew iced coffee with a splash of coconut milk! I always carry packets of Stevia in case I choose to sweeten my beverage.

This is an example of a small change that can make a big difference:


Iced Coffee and Iced Tea:
-ask for it unsweetened, no classic syrup
-add a zero calorie sweetener or sugar free syrup
-add a splash of nonfat, soy or coconut milk

Grande Iced Coffee                      …instead try…   Grande Iced Coffee Unsweetened
80 calories                                                                        5 calories
20g sugar                                                                          0g sugar

-choose nonfat milk
-ask for “light” to save at least a third of the calories
-select a sugar free syrup
-hold the whipped cream or ask for just a touch

Grande Coffee Frappuccino   …instead try…   Coffee Light Frappuccino
240 calories                                                                     110 calories
3g fat                                                                                 0g fat
50g sugar                                                                         23g sugar

Latte and Cappuccino:
-ask for nonfat milk
-skip the syrup or ask for sugar free syrup
-order a smaller size to keep the calories down

Venti Caffe Mocha (2%)            …instead try…   Grande Latte Plain (nonfat)
470 calories                                                                     130 calories
18g fat                                                                               0g fat
66g sugar                                                                         18g sugar

Some healthy snack and meal options at Starbucks
Keep in mind that even healthier menu items may be higher in calories, sodium, fats and sugars than your meal budget may have room for. Here are some of the better options if you are grabbing a meal or snack on the go:


Classic Whole Grain Oatmeal (no toppings)
-160 calories
-5g fat
-0mg sodium
-28g carb
-0g sugar
-5g protein

Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
-230 calories
-6g fat
-560mg sodium
-28g carb
-3g sugar
-13g protein

Spinach and Feta Breakfast Wrap
-290 calories
-10g fat
-830mg sodium
-33g carb
-4g sugar
-19g protein


Turkey Rustico Panini
-480 calories
-18g fat
-1120mg sodium
-53g carb
-13g sugar
-33g protein

Chicken Sante Fe on Ancient Grain Flatbread
-370 calories
-15g fat
-850mg sodium
-32g carb
-1g sugar
-21g protein

Protein Bistro Box
-370 calories
-19g fat
-460mg sodium
-37g carb
-18g sugar
-13g protein


Evolution Fresh Greek Yogurt Parfait Strawberry
-250 calories
-7g fat
-75mg sodium
-34g carb
-20g sugar
-14g protein

Packaged nuts or Kind Bar

Don’t let the Green Smoothies fool you…even though they are packed with nutrients, the numbers may surprise you if you are trying to keep your sugars and carbs down:

Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens Smoothie
-310 calories
-1g fat
-69g carb
-52g sugar
9g protein

Try this recipe for a low calorie coffee treat you can make right at home:
Iced Mocha



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