Dig Deep…Set Your Goal

Any start is a good start. We are all faced with challenges in our lives and sometimes taking care of our health takes a backseat. Taking care of yourself inside and out should take priority, to help you conquer each coming of your life. It wasn’t until the age of

Staying Fit Away From Home

Road Trips Whether you are just driving around town or you are on a road trip you can always be prepared with snacks and water to stay on track with your health plan. Pack a small cooler with an ice pack for any items that need to stay cold. Greek

Full Circle

  It’s funny how some people play such an important role in different aspects of your life. It wasn’t until last year that I discovered the meaning of true wellness. For years I have continued my healthy lifestyle change through exercise and nutrition. These changes have turned my life around

Nutrition 4 Life

Low carb, low fat, no sugar, low calorie…it can all be very confusing. What is the best diet? It’s simple; healthy clean eating that is realistic to maintain throughout a lifetime along with daily physical activity. It is important to understand and include all major nutrients in daily eating for

Better Choices for Living Healthy: Smoothie King

Whether or not Smoothie King smoothies are healthy depends on your individualized health goals. In general, commercial smoothies contain a wide variety of ingredients, making some options better than others. The challenge when choosing any smoothie is to find options that meet your nutritional needs. Fortunately Smoothie King offers a

If You Can’t Find the Time…Make the Time

Low self-confidence, low energy, lack of motivation… So many times I meet with potential clients that have never exercised or have stopped exercising for many reasons. Life basically got in the way. Whether it’s work, kids, partner, stress, we sometimes put ourselves aside thinking we need to take care of

Better Choices for Healthy Living: Subway

While preparing meals at home is ideal, it is not always practical with busy schedules or travel. Dining out in moderation can be less damaging to a healthy lifestyle with the right nutritional knowledge. Subway is a popular sandwich chain that has some low-calorie and low-fat sandwiches and salads. The