I have tried several trainers in the past. Two of which I needed Physical Therapy for my knees after training with them. I wasn’t exactly excited when my husband suggested we go to a gym and trainer again. We were traveling in a RV and were going to spend the winter in Fort Lauderdale. There was a local gym down at the beach that we would walk past to get to our coffee place. January 3rd on way to coffee Mike said lets pop in there and see how much a trainer is. Next thing I know I’m with a trainer Nicole the next day. I was embarrassed to even start. I was over weight again. My strength was horrible. My balance was non-existent. I could hardly do a knee push up, lunge or a squat. I hated looking in the mirrors there. Nicole was so fit and buff, but she never made me feel like anything but great. I started with 2 days a week and feeling that was too much. I would wake up and dread going at first. All those mirrors. Within the first month with Nicole my whole attitude changed completely. She changed my whole way of thinking. I started to look forward to my training. I started going 3 days a week. She started making suggestions on food swaps. No pressure but try it you might like it. I did.

She really cared about me as a person and made me realize I can do this. She is so positive to you as a person and believes in you and makes you believe in yourself. Its not fake she really believes in you. She leads by example. Nicole works with you and not only works towards you and achieving your initial goals, but adapts to the new ones as you progress. She makes you want to go further then you thought. The training is so dynamic as every session changes and you do something you have never done before. It is never boring as my other trainers. The results have been amazing. Fat to muscle.



My husband constantly says positive things about the changes in my body. The results have been incredible physically and mentally. I’m proud to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts.

Fast-forward 6 months. We are in RV traveling again. I was going to go with withdrawals from Nicole. Thank goodness for Skype. We still work out 3 days a week. I still get the same workout. Sometimes it’s outside and sometimes inside. Either way she still gives me the attention and workout that I would have with her at the gym. Nicole is the most committed, honest, personal, believer in what she does. Thank you Nicole for making a believer out of me about me. You have changed a non-believer that is now 60.

– Jan F.

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