Nicole is a consummate professional. Engaging and personable she was able to assess my goals and ability in one session and go on to devise workouts that taxed me enough to make progress, were always interesting, but enabled me to workout on consecutive days without too much muscle soreness. I had been working out for 30 years and didn’t have that ability on my own.

I enjoyed the entire personal training experience with Nicole. We made sure to document progress with photos which was great motivation. The workouts were diverse and entertaining, with Nicole able to motivate me easily through the hardest parts. Saturday morning outdoor sessions were the highlight of my week.

The most important benefit from being accountable to Nicole was to reduce my sweet tooth to almost zero. By adding an evening protein shake, and with Nicole’s advice on alternative snacks, I have been able to maintain a healthy eating plan for longer than ever before. The results speak for themselves and I could not be happier with my progress over the last four weeks.

– Jason R

Written by: admin