I started playing soccer when I was 5 years old. I was chosen to play with my school team when I was 7 years old and was a starter for the team. Growing up I played with several neighborhood and academy teams. However, my first professional experience was when I turned 16. I played for Jeddah City Football Club, also known as JCFC and was the captain of the youth team. I made it to the first team and played there for 2 years. In 2009, I joined Real Madrid’s soccer academy in Spain and participated with the academy team for 4 months where I gained experience from high-level coaches and learned the European soccer style. In 2013, I joined a 3rd division team in Miami called Estudiantes La Guyana and played for them for one year. Today, I am coaching the varsity girls’ team at Doctors Charter School and working on getting my 3rd coaching license from the USSF.

I have played soccer my whole life. However, I have never actually learned how to work out at a gym and never learned how to lift weights. Meeting Nicole changed my lifestyle. My goal when I first went to Nicole was to lose fat, gain muscles, learn how to workout, and boost my soccer performance. Nicole taught me that nutrition plays the biggest role, as well as, working hard and doing the right exercises at the gym. Before the meal plan I used to eat whatever and did not eat enough to help my workouts. Nicole’s meal plan taught me that I needed to eat more and only healthy food, which increased my workout and soccer performance, as well as, made me feel good about myself.


Knowing that I travel a lot, the online training helped me a lot because I can use my phone or computer to track my workouts and food, and carry the workouts wherever I go. Even though I do not train in person with Nicole, she is always there for me and whenever I have any question she is always available either when I call or text her. In the online exercises she also add detailed instructions on how to do the exercises in the appropriate way and what to avoid while doing the exercises.


To sum up, Nicole is a great trainer, she is helpful, hard working, and has a lot of knowledge about health, training, and nutrition. I have noticed so many changes in my body and my health overall. I also noticed an increase in my performance in soccer. I am very thankful to have Nicole as my trainer and my guidance to a better lifestyle.


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