I never truly knew how good it felt to be healthy, well… because I had never ever been healthy before. But now that I do know what it feels like, its something that I never ever want to give up. About a year and a few months ago, I was extremely overweight and I hated myself. I would eat so much that I felt like throwing up while trying to fall asleep at night, swear I would never eat again, and then end up eating more the next time. People say that there are two main forms of addiction and abuse, alcohol and drugs. Well my life is a case in which food addiction can be seen as relevant third to that. Extra sandwiches, ordering and eating entire pizzas at night, I did it all, especially when stressed or depressed. I don’t claim to be the only person that is (or was) miserable and overweight, I’m just a guy who decided to do something about it.

My life was a wreck before I met Nicole, and if I didn’t I could be dead or heading down that road. Now, most people’s reaction when I tell them I have a personal trainer is, “Wow I bet that guy kicks your a** in the gym, you look great”. The reactions I get when I tell everyone that it’s a strong-willed female kicking my butt and not a muscular man, are really funny actually. The thing that is truly amazing about Nicole, is that she gets where you are coming from. She used to be overweight as well, so she knows the struggle of trying to regain control of your life. She will always have your back.

I’m not going to lie to you, the first two weeks were utter and complete HELL for me. It truly was an eye opener as to how out of shape I really was. But by that third week, I felt stronger, my metabolism was up and I felt like a new man. It doesn’t come without struggles though. You will celebrate holidays, and you will go on trips, but Nicole will teach you how to navigate the tendencies to over eat. You see, it’s not so much a diet, than it is a new style of living, the best style of living. Now I’m sure for some of you, words on a screen don’t mean much, I mean how can you trust them? I could be some random person writing a testimonial for someone I never met. Well, let me assure you. You can trust these words and be confident in Nicole’s abilities to change lives because Nicole isn’t just a trainer to me or to anyone you will ever ask. She is family, and a best friend. She deeply cares about you, asks about school, college, life at home, and even in my case, comes to your senior high school theater performance, because she cares that much. It’s easy for a trainer to just say things like, “one more rep, come one you can do it”, and while you will receive some of that because it is her job after all, she goes far beyond that.



After a year and a few months, she has become a second mother that works me and pushes me to my limits and because of her, I’ve lost a peak of 40 pounds and I still see her every week. Although 40 pounds isn’t a substantial number, I’ve lost a lot of fat and get this, I can actually see my biceps when I flex. Going off to college, my freshman fifteen is non-existent because now I know how to handle food. I’m one of the lucky ones, fixing my life at the ripe age of 18. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen, go make a miracle happen.

Nicole is most likely an angel because she is my miracle that I made happen and she has put up with me for a long time. After a year of working out, people know who I am and they knew what I was and they understand that I am the product of the best personal trainer in South Florida. But although she is the best, she can’t do it without dedication from you. If you eat right, and work hard, and give her your all, she will give you her all and the results will follow. She changed my life and is the person to change yours too.

– Nick C

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