When I first decided to start my healthy living journey, I knew I would need help. I chose Nicole because of her own personal success story; I felt someone who had been through this before would know the ups and downs and just how to help me when I needed that extra push. Within five minutes of meeting Nicole I could see her drive and enthusiasm and knew she was my trainer. During my workouts she knew exactly how to keep me motivated and yet having a good time while working out hard. Lots of laughs were had as well as Nicole is an excellent cheerleader, which made me want to work harder. Not only did Nicole keep me active but she made a nutrition and meal plan that was easy to follow, realistic, and delicious so I never felt like I was missing out. Throughout my journey Nicole was always there when I needed her; not just during my sessions at the gym but anytime by phone, email, or text. That extra communication would prove vital for my success. Working on a yacht gives me a hectic schedule that doesn’t always allow for a routine, which is one of the hardest things for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When my boat left the Lauderdale area I was nervous to go out on my own but Nicole set me up with such great exercises and a meal plan that I was able to not only maintain but excel at my healthy living. Even when I wasn’t in the same state or same side of the world Nicole continued to text or email me back anytime I had questions or just needed another “you can do it” talks. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is ready to start a new journey towards healthy living. She helped me realize I could be the person I wanted to be making good food choices and improving my fitness level no matter what. I look forward to having more training sessions with her next time I’m in Laudy!

– Lila K.


Written by: admin