This workout consists of a full body circuit using your bodyweight. It is designed to build strength and increase muscle endurance. Perfect for home, gym, travel, or just take it to the beach or park for a change of scenery. Circuit training is designed to perform a set amount of exercises in a row (circuit) without any rest in between each set of the exercise. Perform each exercise back to back for a total of 4 sets. Rest one to two minutes in between sets.

Start with your feet hip-width apart and arms stretched out in front of you. Perform a squat as you normally would, dropping down towards the ground with your butt pushed back and knees never over your toes. On the second squat, pretend like you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Rather than coming back to the starting position right away, hold that seated squat position at the bottom as you pulse a few inches up and down two times. Return to the top and repeat, one full squat alternating with two squat pulses.

Muscles used: Quads, hamstrings, glutes.


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