Partner 1:
Standing in a split stance, hold the middle of the resistance band in both hands. Keep a few inches of band between each hand, leaving the handles for your partner.

Partner 2:
Hold a handle in each hand and step forward in a split stance until there’s no slack in the band. Your hands should be at chest height, palms facing each other. Press the handles forward one at a time, with a slight palm rotating inward, as you exhale. Return slowly, being careful not to go past your shoulders. Alternate arms each time, completing 20 presses on each arm.

Muscles used: Chest, shoulders.

20 repetitions x 5 sets

This workout is designed as a circuit to increase your muscle and cardiovascular endurance. It is a full body workout using a resistance band, a bench (or tree) and a partner (or tree). Each partner is to complete one set of each exercise and move directly into the next exercise. Complete 5 sets total, resting about one minute in between sets.


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