The first combo, A1 and A2, are to be performed alternating back to back without rest starting at 12 reps each then 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. Rest for about two minutes and repeat twice more for a total of three sets. Repeat same pattern with combo B1 and B2.

Exercise A1


Place two dumbbells on the floor about shoulder width apart. Position yourself on your toes and your hands as though you were doing a pushup, with the body straight and extended. Use the handles of the dumbbells to support your upper body. You may need to position your feet wide for support. Push one dumbbell into the floor and row the other dumbbell, retracting the shoulder blade of the working side as you flex the elbow, pulling it to your side. Then lower the dumbbell to the floor and begin the dumbbell in the opposite hand.

Variation: If this is too challenging, it can also be done on your knees instead of your toes.

Muscles Used: Back, Biceps, Core, Chest, Triceps.



Exercise A2


Lie down on a flat bench or the floor with a dumbbell on each hand. The palms of your hand will be facing each other. Lift the dumbbells and hold them over your chest at shoulder width with the palms of your hands facing each other. Raise the dumbbells up like you’re pressing them, but stop and hold just before you lock out. This will be your starting position. With a slight bend on your elbows in order to prevent stress at the biceps tendon, lower your arms out at both sides in a wide arc until you feel a stretch on your chest. Breathe in as you perform this portion of the movement.

Tip: Keep in mind that throughout the movement, the arms should remain stationary; the movement should only occur at the shoulder joint.
Return your arms back to the starting position as you squeeze your chest muscles and breathe out.

Tip: Make sure to use the same arc of motion used to lower the weights.

Muscles used: Chest.



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