Benefits of Protein Shakes

When you exercise, whether it is with resistance training or not, muscle tissues are torn and must be rebuilt for your muscles to develop. Protein shakes will help the rebuilding process, and drinking protein shakes allows you to monitor the amount of protein you are consuming. Since it is in liquid form it will enter your bloodstream faster to help replenish nutrients lost during the workout and also to help begin the recovery process.

Another benefit of protein shakes is the opportunity to add other nutrients besides the protein powder. It is a great way to get in servings of vegetables, fruit, and fiber. Some of my personal favorites to throw in my smoothies are:

Veggies: Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Carrots, Sweet Potato
Fruit: Blueberries, Frozen Whole Cranberries, Grapefruit
Fiber: Chia Seeds, Ground Flax

Whole foods are ideal for meals and snacks but at times our busy lives call for convenience eating. A protein shake is a delicious, healthy alternative to junk food or skipping a meal.

For anyone struggling to get enough protein through whole foods, protein shakes are a great supplement any time of the day.

Be sure to pay attention to quantities of everything going into your shake whether making it at home or ordering one out. Serving size still applies!

Which is the Best Protein Powder for You

The protein powder isle can be as confusing as the cereal isle if you don’t have a specific product in mind. There are several different types of protein powders available depending on your goals, food tolerances and preferences.
Along with a diverse range of proteins, many products are available with no artificial sweeteners. Take the time to read the labels!

Here are some of the most common proteins being consumed today and their benefits based on goals, tolerance and preference.

Whey Protein
• A quick and easy digesting complete milk protein. If consumed within 60 minutes of your workout session it can limit muscle breakdown and help with muscle repair.
• Whey Concentrate is budget friendly however Whey Isolate has the higher concentration of protein with less fat. Whey Isolate is also almost 100% lactose free which makes it easier to digest.

Egg White Protein
• An easy to digest complete protein. It is lactose free and also ideal for post workout.

Casein Protein
• A slow digesting complete milk protein. A good choice for meal replacements, which helps you stay fuller longer, or to take right before bed when it will supply the body with protein throughout the night when you enter a catabolic state.

Soy Protein
• A plant based protein option for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. Consume it in moderation due to the link to increased risk of breast cancer.

Brown Rice Protein/Pea/Hemp
• Plant proteins, making it an excellent alternative for anyone with a sensitive stomach or allergies to soy or dairy. Since one plant-based powder alone won’t offer a complete protein, look for a product that combines several to create a full amino acid profile.

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